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Looking for professional virtual assistant services? Look no further! We are your premier source for virtual assistants who are expertly trained to understand Genesis Technology and marketing strategies.

Our virtual assistants are ready to efficiently support and grow your business.

Hire our virtual assistants today and optimise your business operations.


Dedicated Virtual Assistant

$2,497 Per Month

  • Expert Matching for Your Business Needs

  • Strategic Partnership Boosts Efficiency

  • Comprehensive Management of Projects

Individual offers dedicated virtual assistants to unlock your business's full potential, providing a custom-tailored experience that aligns with your specific objectives. Our virtual assistants are more than just helpers; they are strategic partners committed to transforming your business.


VA Resource Group

$897 Per Month

  • Diverse Virtual Assistants for All Tasks

  • Efficient, Skilled Project Management

  • Rapid Completion Drives Growth & Success

Teams offers a powerful collective of virtual assistants for on-demand projects, ensuring top-tier management and exceptional outcomes. With a diverse team skilled in various tasks, from data analysis to creative design, Teams POD efficiently meets your project needs, driving your success.

Services Genesis Can Help You With

Copywriting & Content

  • Diverse, Engaging Content Creation

  • Ai-Enhanced SEO for Strong Resonance

  • Ads to Blogs to Boost Digital Presence

Genesis Teams excels in creating engaging, diverse content using AI for SEO. We ensure your content, from ads to blogs, resonates with your audience.

CRM Implementation

  • Expert CRM Setup and Integration

  • Campaign Creation and Sales Funnels

  • Continuous CRM Support and Updates

Genesis Teams specialises in CRM solutions with expert setup, campaign creation, sales funnels, and system integrations, ensuring continuous evolution.

Data Mining & List Building

  • Growth-Oriented Detailed Prospect Lists

  • Advanced Data Mining and Research

  • Empowers Outreach and Development

Genesis Teams is adept at creating growth-oriented prospect lists with advanced data mining and manual research, enhancing business outreach.

General Administration

  • Comprehensive Administrative Services

  • Streamlining Operations for Efficiency

  • Boosting Productivity and Growth Focus

Genesis Teams specialises in CRM solutions with expert setup, campaign creation, sales funnels, and system integrations, ensuring continuous evolution.

Graphic Design

  • Diverse Graphic Design Services

  • Enhances Brand’s Visual Appeal

  • Tailored Marketing and Web Graphics

Genesis Teams provides graphic design services from marketing materials to website mockups, enhancing your brand's visual appeal significantly.

Lead Nurture & Messaging

  • Fosters Client Relationships Effectively

  • Targeted Messaging and Lead Nurturing

  • Customized Client Engagement Strategies

Genesis Teams fosters client relationships with targeted messaging and lead nurturing, customising strategies to enhance client value.

Prospecting & Appt Setting

  • Identifies Clients and Sets Meetings

  • Streamlines Sales Process Efficiently

  • Enhances Business Prospecting

Specialising in identifying potential clients and setting appointments, Genesis Teams streamlines your sales process for business efficiency.

Social Media Posting

  • Engaging Social Media Content Delivery

  • Safe Practices to Prevent Restrictions

  • Comprehensive Content Creation Support

Genesis Teams delivers engaging content across social media platforms, offering comprehensive support to keep your brand relevant and connected.

Video Editing & Graphics

  • Professional Video Editing Services

  • Focus on Quality and Audience Impact

  • Visually Compelling Business Content

Genesis Teams provides video editing and graphics services, focusing on quality and audience engagement for compelling business content.

Website Updates & Support

  • Specialises in Website Maintenance

  • Focus on WordPress Platform Support

  • Regular Updates for Online Presence

Specialising in website support, Genesis Teams maintains various platforms with a focus on WordPress, ensuring a strong, efficient online presence.

Unlock Efficiency with Genesis Teams

Utilise Genesis Technology's skilled virtual assistants for diverse tasks through our flexible time-block system.

Assign multiple projects and streamline your workflow for enhanced productivity.

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